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Cooking Lake Airport

Cooking Lake Airport is one and only airport which has floating base runway and conventional runway for aircraft landing.This airport alone has ownership structure of condominium. Cooking Lake Airport is located at 20 km east side of Edmonton in Strathcona County.

The primary goal of this airport is facility of floating planes for aircrafts and small aviation landing areas.

This airport provides services like training school for flight pilots, charter services. Cooking Lake Airport offers services of maintenance and repairing of aircrafts. Also this has card lock fuel facility for the aviations.

Airport has the large economy output (near about $13 million) and it contributes 600,000 taxes to the government.

The Cooking Lake Airport was built in 1995, condominium association has plan for development. So in development they constructed rotating beacon for VFR for day and nights. Also this airport featured by VASIS (Virtual approach of slope indicator system) which helps to show runway for the aircraft landing. This airport has automated weather observation station to track weather variations.

This airport has two floating planes launch ramps and has runway of 2950 ft long and 75 ft wider. The airport contains 20 floating docks and 75 tie down stalls. Cooking Lake Airport has 742 meters elevation from sea level. This air port recorded 25,000 movements of aircrafts annually. So this is one of the most famous airports in Canada.

Location: Cooking Lake Airport, Strathcona County, AB, Canada.

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