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John Janzen Nature Centre

Within river valley, John Janzen Nature Centre found. Visit John Janzen Nature Centre to help the environment and get some extremely intriguing information.


Muttart Conservatory

It is an one of the best places to visit in Edmonton. Pyramid fixture Conservatory has, that sits right in the middle of the action. To take tours of the beautiful landscaping, people come from all over Canada.

It is a botanical garden situated in the North Saskatchewan river valley. Muttart Conservatory consists of 4 glass pyramid-shaped structure. These pyramid shape structures showcase plants from arid, tropical and temperate climates.


The evolution of Edmonton city as a metropolis and a tourist spot

Life in Edmonton city has not always been bliss. However, the city has evolved through various historical episodes and has today reached the stature of a thriving metropolis that attracts innumerable visitors throughout the year. Just before the First World War, the population of Edmonton declined drastically from 72,500 to 54,000. This was due to the sudden end of the real estate boom. Another factor which accelerated the decrease in population was the recruitment of men to the Canadian military during the First World War. However, Edmonton city did recover its population slowly by the Second World War. This slow recovery occurred in 1920s and 1930s.


The Great Divide Waterfall

On 1980 Great Divide Waterfall was built, addition to High level bridge of Edmonton's. Waterfall was design by Peter Lewis; to mark the occasion of Alberta's 75th Anniversary waterfall was constructed. In celebration of holiday events, Great Divide Waterfall is operated.

It is 64 metres high, which is 7 metres higher than Niagara Falls. Also spans 91 metres along the expanse of the bridge. A 42 inch water main on the north side of the river is the supplier for the Great Divide Waterfall.


The natural beauty of Edmonton city

The city of Edmonton is divided into two halves by the North Saskatchewan River. This river is another attraction to this city. It originates in the Columbia Icefield in Jasper national park. It empties via many water bodies. These are the Saskatchewan River, the Lake Winnipeg, the Nelson River and finally the Hudson Bay. The river runs from southwest to northeast. It is fed by a number of creeks in the city.


Valley Zoo

It is situated in the heart of Edmonton, Alberta's river valley. Valley Zoo is open 364 days a year only closing on Christmas, operated by the city of Edmonton.

Valley Zoo is a replacement for a previous Edmonton Zoo (Borden Park Zoo) which was torn down to expand Northlands Park. Valley Zoo opened in 1959. Valley Zoo consists of 350 exotic and native animals.


Most Attractive

Fort Edmonton Fort Edmonton
The park is the end point of the Carlton trail
Night Life. Night Life.
The Edge Nightclub is most popular Nightclub in Edmonton
Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park. Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park.
It is a 69th provincial park in Alberta.
Cursus malesuada Fusce Food Culture in Edmonton.
Harvest Room is a lovely space for dinner.

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