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Alberta Aviation Museum, Edmonton

Adventure, Excitement and Romance- these are the three salient features by which aviation is actually made of. Alberta Aviation Museum of Edmonton is standing gloriously in the history of Alberta for its achievement and contribution towards aviation. This made Edmonton “The Gateway to the North”. This year Canada and Alberta are celebrating the glorious 100 years of flight and are displaying the unbelievable progress of technology from the structure of wood and fabric to the present jet age. Why not take a group tour or a self guided tour through the tradition of Alberta's aviation and relish the adventure to the fullest?


Alberta Railway Museum, Edmonton

Do you have a passion for riding on vintage trains? Don't you know how did they look at? You can find all these in Alberta Railway Museum of Edmonton. The museum is supposed to be the sole preserver of the whole Alberta Railway history. You can avail all the information about the CNR Passenger Train, the CNR Prairie Mixed Freight, The Northern Alberta Railways Passenger Train and also the Northern Alberta Railways Work train from the Alberta Railway Museum.


Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton

The Art Gallery of Alberta is made for public interest. The gallery is situated in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. It is supposed to be one of the great galleries in Canada. It has a collection of over 5000works of art and the collection includes historical and the paintings, sculptures, installation works and the photographs of the recent times by Canadian and international artists. The gallery was first designed in the year 1968 by Don Bittorf and it has presently a collection of $88 million value.


Fort Edmonton

Fort Edmonton was the name of a series of the trading posts of the Hudson's Bay Company from the year 1795 to 1891. This park is located in the Central Alberta, Canada. The park is the end point of the Carlton trail which is the main land route for the Metis Freighters between the Red River Colony and the West and the important stop for the York Factory Express route. In the year 2007, the Edmonton city was designated as the Cultural Capital of Canada.


Royal Alberta Museum, Edmonton

The Royal Alberta Museum ids situated the city of Edmonton. Alberta. The museum was named the Provincial Museum of Alberta till 24th may, 2005. After the visit of Queen Elizabeth II, she decided to be the patron of the Museum. So, the Museum bears much importance in the history of Edmonton. The museum is divided in three parts such as the natural history exhibit, a wildlife exhibit and the Native Culture Exhibit. The Museum is presently undergoing multi-million dollar reconstruction project. The collection of the museum is huge.


Rutherford House, Edmonton

Rutherford House is a provincial Historic site. It was the home of the first Premier of Alberta Alexander Cameron Rutherford. In the year 1911, A.C Rutherford and his wife Mattie shifted to this house near the university campus. Till date, this house is bearing the tradition of the Rutherford Family. Visitors are taken into the house with guidance as all the things of the house have its own importance. The sparkle of the silver, the glow of the library lamp and the scent of the freshly baked scones entice the visitors into the house.


Telus World of Science, Edmonton

The Telus World of Science, Edmonton is an international Science centre located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This organization is mainly controlled by the Edmonton Space & Science Foundation. The centre is located in the on the southwest corner of Coronation Park in the region of Wood croft. At the time of beginning of the organization (1984), the organization was named as the Edmonton Space Science Centre, and later, it was changed into Edmonton Space and Science Centre.


Ukrainian Canadian Archives & Museum of Alberta, Edmonton

The Ukrainian Canadian Archives & museums of Alberta (UCAMA) is a Ukrainian museum which is situated in the city of Edmonton. The Museum has recently bought the old Lodge Hotel and the Brighton Block located at 9670 Jasper Avenue to restore the facility that will give place to the exhibition galleries, an archive and library resource area, the educational, meeting and the special programming areas.In the year 1972, a group of Ukrainian professors and business members took an initiative to preserve the history and the culture of Canadian and Ukrainian heritage. For this purpose, the museum was established.


Most Attractive

Fort Edmonton Fort Edmonton
The park is the end point of the Carlton trail
Night Life. Night Life.
The Edge Nightclub is most popular Nightclub in Edmonton
Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park. Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park.
It is a 69th provincial park in Alberta.
Cursus malesuada Fusce Food Culture in Edmonton.
Harvest Room is a lovely space for dinner.

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