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The climate and nightlife of Edmonton city

The climate of Edmonton city is semi arid in nature. The seasonal temperatures witness extreme values. The city has milder winters as compared to places like Regina or Winnipeg. These two places are however located further south according to latitude. The summers are warm in Edmonton. The winters are cold. The average daily temperature in winter ranges from -11.7 °C to 17.5 °C. This variation is caused during the transition from January to July. On an annual basis, temperature exceeds 30 °C from May to September. The highest temperature recorded in Edmonton till date has been 38.3 °C.


ACCA Center

The Center is located at 3530 91St. It has a 50 foot stage and a capcity of 400 people. It also has full bar and kitchen setup and a 2nd floor AV booth. An exact location of any promoters who want a hassle free venue.


Jet Nightclub, A sports Lounge

On March 15th, 2007, Jet Nightclub and Sports Lounge officially opened. Jet is a 500 seat live rock room, Edmonton's sunny south side. Jet features tons of plasma TV's and 5 big screens - of course all hooked up in true high definition. Jet features the absolute great live rock bands in the city, every weekend night, and we always have major touring artists dropping in. Watch for bands like Saliva, Drowning Pool, Default and many more to be up on our stage before the year is out. Come down and check out the new digs - - - - You'll see JET ROCKS!


On the Rocks

On The Rocks is newest live music venue / nightclub in Downtown Edmonton. This bar is totally awesome with DJ every Friday and live cover bands, Saturday and Sunday. There is no need to worry if you''ll fit in there, there is definately something for everyone. The staff is great and the drinks and crowd are even greater. You have to check it out. They are located between The Suede Lounge and Druid with lots of parking. See you there!


Most Attractive

Fort Edmonton Fort Edmonton
The park is the end point of the Carlton trail
Night Life. Night Life.
The Edge Nightclub is most popular Nightclub in Edmonton
Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park. Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park.
It is a 69th provincial park in Alberta.
Cursus malesuada Fusce Food Culture in Edmonton.
Harvest Room is a lovely space for dinner.

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