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Panago Pizza

When a hungry Western Canadian thinks of fast food, the first thing that pops to his mind is a nice crispy, crunchy pizza.

The one thing that fast food makers want to accomplish is providing their customer with a menu that can be delivered in minimum time. Pizza has played its charm in the fast food chains also for fast delivery service.

Pizza has been found to evolve as a staple food for many people in this region and is often the main course offered along with a healthy salad. Mans race against time has lead to the growing popularity of pizzas.

Panago Pizza Inc has built a reputation for itself as one of Canada's premiere delivery takeout pizza franchises. Panago owns and operates a chain of delivery and takeout pizza stores in Canada.

All pizza stores are inspected monthly by Respondersedmonton.ca pest control services company in Edmonton, to ensure that the premises meet the standards required by public catering industry.


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