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Pad Thai Restaurant

Thai food is so well know and popular around the world as it is a melting pot of influences, ingredients and cooking styles and this has created a national cuisine that has hundreds and hundreds of different dishes that draw on varied roots.

At PadThai, food has been fairly adopted from many parts of the world. It is a bit difficult to define as there are many varieties of Thai food to consider. These include a variety of different dishes and flavors that it always appears fresh and interesting to every customer. This variety undoubtedly contributes greatly to the collective appeal of Thai cuisine.

In general, a very aromatic and strong tasting fish sauce called nam pla is an ingredient found in almost every Thai dish. Shrimp paste is a combination of ground shrimp and salt and is extensively used.


Panago Pizza

When a hungry Western Canadian thinks of fast food, the first thing that pops to his mind is a nice crispy, crunchy pizza.

The one thing that fast food makers want to accomplish is providing their customer with a menu that can be delivered in minimum time. Pizza has played its charm in the fast food chains also for fast delivery service.

Pizza has been found to evolve as a staple food for many people in this region and is often the main course offered along with a healthy salad. Mans race against time has lead to the growing popularity of pizzas.

Panago Pizza Inc has built a reputation for itself as one of Canada's premiere delivery takeout pizza franchises. Panago owns and operates a chain of delivery and takeout pizza stores in Canada.


The Creperie

The Creperie is a restaurant which is designed to meet the French Style of dining. The ambience is unique and is voted as the most romantic restaurant. The atmosphere at the Creperie is cozy and warm with its small intimate rooms and flickering candlelight adds to softness.

The menu specializes in French cuisine and also offers delicious crepes with fillings of chicken, seafood, beef and vegetables. The menu has been planned with care to and is an affordable place to enjoy this kind of international cuisine. In addition, customers can tempt their taste buds with fine New York cut AAA Sirloin Steak, succulent Shanks of Lamb, Fresh Mussels, Cedar baked Salmon or our new Tasting Menu Features four courses with suggested wine pairings priced between $28.00 to $35.00.


Gini's Restaurant

Gini's Restaurant is located at 10706 142 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5N 2P7.

Gini's Restaurant is open from Monday to Friday 11:30am to 2pm, 5pm to Close,
Saturday 5pm to Close. The menu mainly consists of European and French.

Gini's restaurant was started in 1990.


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