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Edmonton Cuisines Culture

Indians have made a drastic improvement in the cuisine culture of the city. It is a fact that the first Indian Restaurant was established here in the year 1973. At the beginning, the restaurant was a small one consisting of 28 seats. Later the restaurant opened four outposts around the city having a place for 100 dinners at a time. After that, innumerable Indian restaurants have been opened till now. So, the Indian food culture has occupied an important place in the Cuisine history of Edmonton.

If you are searching for some Chinese taste, visit the popular Lingnan once. You will surely be spell bounded with the quality and the varieties of the Chinese dishes. The Lingnan specializes in Cantonese and Szechwan cuisine since 1947. From the very beginning, this traditional food is available for the purpose of dining in and also for the carry out purpose. You can find your favorite Singapore noodles, a curried dish with vegetables. You will also find the exotic peaches, cream Shrimp and lobster tail Canton with minced pork, garlic and black bean sauce. The decoration is highly elegant with satin red and an equally luxurious banquet room.

Are you cherishing a desire for the Thai foods, you have to come to the King and I. This place is continuously winning the crown of the best Thai restaurant. Those who are new to the taste of Thai food must find the flavor unique but no to hot spicy like the Indian Cuisines. Starting from the curries and peanut- based noodle to a delicious Phuket seafood soup, the King and I restaurant will surely come on the top.

Let’s come to the American Cuisines. It is very unfortunate thing that the city of Edmonton has very few decent Mexican Restaurants scattered here and there in the city. So, a lover of the Mexican food will surely be disappointed after knowing the fact. But now the scenario is gradually changing as some little restaurants are coming up with the reach food varieties by some of the migrants. One of them informs that the idea of the whole thing was to keep the food very simple but tasty enough.

The city of Edmonton is also the storage house of its own Canadian delicious foods. Most of the owners of the restaurants use the local recipe for making the food delicious.
The menu of the Canadian food includes a smoked lamb carpaccio, crusted in rosemary with the argula and apple salad with a Dijon aioli or Quebec fois gras torchon on a Yukon gols binni with the plum compote and pomegranate syrup.

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