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4 Oral Health Myths Which the Dentist Near Me Can Easily Break Down


Due to TV commercials and other popular information sources there come many so to call facts, related to the dental care that the dentist near me can easily break down as myths. Here are 4 common beliefs to discuss and find out whether they are true or false.

#Myth 1 You Do Not Need to Use a Dental Floss Every Day

Any family dentist near me can tell you, it is not at all true. On the contrary, to floss your teeth in between them is an absolutely healthy habit which helps to eliminate bad bacteria and residues of food. Besides, flossing fights bad breath as well. The simple tooth brushing is, unfortunately, unable to do this. Without everyday flossing there comes gum inflammation and tooth decay development as a direct outcome sprouting from regular ignorance of such a routine dental care.

There are other in-office dentistry solutions, like professional teeth cleaning, which is used as a separate hygienic procedure or as an integral part of the complex teeth whitening capable of fighting teeth bacteria and food odds in your mouth. However, these treatments are recommended to utilize once in 3 or 6 months, not often. That’s why the everyday flossing can really bring your teeth into much better condition and keep them healthier for years.

#Myth 2 Primary Kid Teeth Won’t Influence the Permanent Adult Teeth

Any pediatric dentist near me will tell, you this fact is completely false. The baby teeth should be under a special dental focus from their first appearance. If there are any cavities or decay stains on the temporary teeth, they are most likely to influence the permanent teeth which will come out and grow on the same places. That’s why the pediatric dentist cares not only about treatments and surgeries, but about enlightening parents on everyday healthy oral routines to ensure the child’s teeth and gums won’t suffer from any damage that can be easily prevented.

However, if the baby has tooth decay, it should be fully treated. The pediatric dentist nearby will also find out what is going wrong and why such an oral disease has developed. Maybe the kid eats a lot of carbohydrates, or there are other unhealthy habits that have triggered this tooth trouble.

#Myth 3 Eating Sugar Causes Teeth Cavities

Any general or family dentist near me will tell you that this myth is partially true. Sugar in the mouth becomes the favourite food of bacteria, which develop acid environment, very harmful for the teeth and especially for their enamel. Bacteria together with saliva provoke intensive plaque buildup on the teeth and round them that can cause cavities and decay.

If you eat a lot of sweet products or keep them in the mouth quite long, like lollipops, for instance, these plaque is left unattended long time on the teeth and destroy them. That’s why every time you eat something, especially carbohydrates, it’s better at least to rinse your teeth with water or a mouth rinse carefully or clean them thoroughly with a tooth paste.

#Myth 4 Gum Diseases Are Rare

Unfortunately, gum disease or gingivitis, is quite a common condition especially with adults after thirty years old. The family dentist near me can tell you that with age people can acquire even more infections than in younger age. That’s why gum disease attacks aging people more as well. The outcomes of this unhealthy condition can be in bad breathing, teeth destruction, tooth decay, and even missing teeth. Other severe health conditions that influence the process of sugar absorbing, like Diabetes II, for example, can cause gum disease as the after-effect of the bad immunity defense.

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